Cool Chemistry Reactions

  • There was a mistake with the “Top 10” list of chemical reactions. Due to that not all the reactions are actual chemical reactions. The Meissner Effect is not an actual chemical reaction because it is not cause as a chemical reaction, because they were cooling the magnet.   The Supper Absorbent Polymer is not a chemical reaction because, it is retaining large amounts before it can actually dissolve. On this hand, the Floating on Sulfur Hexafluoride is not a chemical reaction due to the physical properties of the foil. Last but not least, Super Fluid Helium is not a chemical reaction as well because it is a physical reaction.


    •Sodium, Water, and Chlorine Gas

  •  •8Na (s) + Cl2 (g) + 6H2O (l) —>2NaCl (s) + 6NaOH (aq) + 3H2 (g) + Heat and Light
  • •Redox Reaction


  • •Magnesium and Dry Ice
  • •2 Mg (s) + CO2 (g) —> 2 MgO (s) + C (g)
  • •Single Replacement Reaction


  • •Potassium Chlorate + Candy
  • •2KClO3 (aq) + C12H22O11 (s) + 9O2 (g) —>12CO2 (g)+ 11H2O (l) + 2KCl (s)
  • •Combustion Reaction


  • •Sodium Acetate and Water
  • •NaC2H3O2 (s) + 3H2O —> NaC2H3O2 3H2O (s) + Heat
  • •Synthesis


• Thermite and Liquid Nitrogen

•2 Al (s) + Fe2O3 (s) —> Al2O3 (s) + 2Fe (s) + heat

•Single Replacement Reaction

•Briggs-Rauscher Reaction

•IO3- + 2 H2O2 + CH2(CO2H)2 + H+ –> ICH(CO2H)2 + 2 O2 + 3 H2O

  •   Combustion

My favorite chemical reaction was the Potassium Chlorate and Candy Reaction. I like that over the other one’s, because when he drop the gummy bear it created a nice reaction to it as well with colors. It had multiples colors to it and it look nice.


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