How does an airbag work ?

You might be thinking it works to help us drive and turned left or right and other things as well. But there is for to airbags.  They have gas generating solids in them. They also have sodium azide, metabolic poison at low doses, potent enough to be used as an agricultural antifungal. If they are absorbed it can cause skin and lungs problems, leading to cardiovascular abnormalities, convulsions, and maybe even death.  Eliminating the airbags from automobiles is clearly desirable, due to that it accumulates in landfills.

Lets say that a car got into a accident, therefore the crash sensor activates a circuit that sends an electrical discharge into the sodium azide, causing it to decompose to sodium metal and nitrogen gas, which this allows the airbag to inflate.



How are the gas laws applied to this technology ?

They used a set of equations. For example, we know that the airbag contains sodium azide (Nan3), potassium nitrate (KNO3), silicon dioxide (SiO2). Therefore in the gas generator sodium azide, potassium nitrate, and silicon dioxide are in a mixture, therefor silicon is ignited by an electrical impulse, it liberates a volume of nitrogen gas (N2) which this is was causes to filled the airbag rapidly. The equation would be 2NaN3 -> Na + N2.

Then we have sodium metal (Na) that is a byproduct of the reaction that is an unstable substance that can undergo an explosive reaction with water. When sodium reacts with the potassium nitrate it will generate nitrogen for the airbag.



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